Our clients are at the heart of our business and building long-lasting relationships is fundamental to us – by putting your needs first we simplify the process so we can focus on creating outstanding products.



We work with leading brands and venues to create and develop scents that will enhance user experience and nurture an emotional connection that helps distinguish brand loyalty.

Evocative, emotive and undeniably personal, good fragrance has become an unequivocal expectation within our day to day lives. Design and fragrance-led, we work with you each step of the way from concept development through to production and distribution to bring your products from concept to reality.

Whether you are looking to add a new product line, increase your marketing reach, create a brand activation or produce a memorable gifting experience, our approach to creating olfactory products for you is tailored to your needs and budget.

As a holistic enhancement, great interiors are given an extra dimension when paired with the right fragrance. This multi-sensorial approach creates an immersive experience, enabling an intimate connection that resonates with our emotional connections through our olfactory pathways.


Fragrance plays an important part of our daily lives by evoking memories and leaves a lasting impression. Engaging your clients at a sensorial level leads to increased satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

Making fragrance part of your identity ensures your clients experience an elevated level of engagement with your brand or service. We work with a cross-section of visionary businesses across many industries who understand the importance of creating an evocative connection with their clients, including:



Wick & Tallow is a family run business established in 2011 in response to finding our own solutions whilst navigating the complex home fragrance market.

We now offer our experience and expertise to brands and individuals looking to create category defining products through our bespoke service. Our unique positioning within the fragrance industry combined with our experience producing olfactory products for the world’s leading brands enables us to identify your needs and work through the design and production process to deliver the highest quality outcome to compliment your vision.

We offer a full range of services from concept design and realisation through to operations and logistics for access to the global market.